Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Well, it’s earlier than we’d imagined but, as we at 100% Biker predicted a few months ago, Victory has launched its first all-electric road-legal street bike.

The Victory Empulse TT features a sportsbike-style aluminum beam-frame, adjustable suspension and strong brakes, building on the company’s focus on performance. With advanced technology this unique new motorcycle delivers outstanding overall performance, zero-emission output and has a torquey electric motor.

“The Empulse TT was developed primarily as an electric motorcycle delivering a sporty ride,” said Victory Electric Product Manager Joshua Katt. “With dual ride modes – ECO and SPORT – to choose from and the addition of a gearbox, the Empulse TT is a versatile motorcycle that can be used for impressively sporty riding or as a casual commuter.”

The key features of the  Empulse TT include fully adjustable suspension featuring a single rear shock and inverted front forks; dual-disk front brakes; lightweight cast aluminum wheels; the greatest lean angle in the electric class; and a sportsbike-style riding position.

As we reported in January 2015, Victory acquired the motorcycle division of Brammo and has subsequently been working with the Brammo product team to achieve improvements in battery capacity, display function and handling.

The Victory Empulse TT is capable of top speeds over 100 mph and it has a high-capacity 10.4kWh battery with a built-in battery charger. The bike’s Brammo Power Lithium Ion battery fully charges up in just 3.9 hours. However, as with electric vehicles, the Achilles heel is range. In typical riding, the Empulse TT battery is said to have a range of about 65 miles which, with throttle management and use of the bike’s regenerative charging can be extended to 100 miles. 

The new Victory Empulse TT electric motorcycle is scheduled to be available for purchase in the United States in late 2015, although Victory is currently in the process of establishing exactly what the demand will be for the bike before announcing when it will be launched in Europe.

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