Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Indian Motorcycle has just unveiled the latest in its series of Scouts reimagined by custom builders. This was the turn of Jeb Scolman, hot rod artisan and the man responsible for the Spirit of Munro, built to celebrate the launch of the ThunderStroke111 in 2014.

Have been sent an engine (and that’s the sort of post we’d like to receive), his instruction was to build what he wanted. Unsurprisingly, given his background, this involved hand crafted metalwork and a bike that reflect the designs for speed record racers in the 1950s and ‘60s.

As the bike took shape, it was christened the ‘Black Bullet’, its minimal body and simple frame wrapped around that 1200cc Indian Scout engine to create a compact machine.The all-custom, all-metal, and all hand-made bike features a custom windscreen that wraps around the front of the bike - the post-war hot rod crowd was using airplane drop tanks for race cars, and the motorcycle racers started to adapt nose cones to help them cut through the wind. The minimal seat, controls and shapes all lend themselves to the single mission of exploring this bike’s top speed. It was created to be beautiful and fast.

Although the Black Bullet will be on static display at Sturgis, it is destined to see the salt and race. We’ll keep you posted.

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