Monday, 22 June 2015


Well, no surprise to anyone of us there, but now research by Carole Nash Insurance proves that – in theory, anyway!

To mark the 80th anniversary of the inaugural driving test, bikers and car drivers both retook a theory exam based on the official DVSA quiz and conducted by Carole Nash. The results revealed that those with a bike licence fared better than their four-wheeled counterparts in 76% of instances, with nearly one in five (16%) of motorists potentially failing their test, as opposed to just 6% of motorcyclists.

Road sign recognition was a major concern. Given eight examples to identify, car drivers finished behind riders in six categories and, whilst 83% of bikers were able to correctly identify all eight test signs, only 67% of car drivers could do the same. In other areas, bikers beat car users eight times out of ten. Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing for Carole Nash, said: “Motorcyclists scored so highly because they must have their wits about them at all times. More importantly, our study revealed that a rather considerable proportion of car drivers still do not know how to interpret and react to certain everyday road situations involving motorcyclists – something we believe should be addressed as soon as possible."

Only 34% of car drivers were able to accurately point out the sign indicating that special care should be taken when overtaking a slow-moving motorbike. Additionally, four out of ten car drivers failed to showcase their understanding of why one should allow extra room when overtaking a motorcyclist on a windy day, something that surely relies as much on commonsense as road learning.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA)'s Safety and Training Director, Karen Cole, said: "Many motorcyclists are also car drivers and what this survey shows is that experiencing the road using different modes of transport makes you a safer road user. This endorses the idea that motorcycling should be encouraged as a long-term strategy to improve road safety … and also supports our call for a single theory test for drivers and riders.

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