Thursday, 28 May 2015


Saietta, the UK-based manufacturer of the very curious and curved electric Saietta R, today announced that it is developing a ground-breaking, high performance electric motorcycle that’s set to, in the company’s words, ‘spearhead a new era for riders’.

Codenamed NGS (Next Generation Saietta), it will be the first in the family of bikes from the Saietta group, which was formed following the recent merger of Agility Global and Agni Motors. Saietta Group co-founder, Lawrence Marazzi, told us:

“[We] intend to shake up vehicle sectors including cars, scooters, motorcycles and tuk tuks, with electric drivetrains that surpass what can be achieved with internal combustion engines.

“Saietta R was our 8th and last generation of prototype. NGS takes us to a whole new level with technological step changes across the bike delivering electrifying performance, unmatched range, extensive personalisation options and a highly distinctive, iconic presence. NGS is an exclusive, premium priced flagship.” By which we understand to mean it will be expensive.

So what does the new motorcycle look like? Well, from the single teaser photograph released, it’s anyone’s guess!

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